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Have you considered Steel Framed Kit Building? So you’ve always wanted a space dedicated to your hobbies, a place to get away to, that frees up space in your home, a spot to hone your craft or an area to rehearse a musical instrument. Perhaps a prefabricated space could be a perfect option for you? Having a space dedicated to leisurely pursuits may seem like a luxury but it could help free up space and could be a storage solution if you like to tackle bigger projects. Buildings Uk’s Kit buildings are fully customizable meaning there is a building out there perfect for you, you can customize the size, colour, cladding, doors, roof types, internal layout, the avenue to extend…. The possibilities are endless. Our team is always on hand to guide you through the project from start to completion, our kits are amazingly simple to erect which is an added bonus. All of our buildings are made from high-quality hot rolled steel! They are easy to install, making the process of erecting your Steel Fr…

4 Simple Tips for Taking care of your Horses during October.

As you can probably tell, the days are starting to feel very autumnal the leaves are all crimson and yellow and the nights are drawing in. It is important that you now start preparing your horses for the colder months, the list below are some simple tips you may want to try in order to keep your horse happy in the cold.   

Winter rugs Making sure that your winter rugs are usable is important, check them for damage and repair where needed or it may be time to invest in a new set, Keep your horse nice and toasty. Clippers It’s been a long summer, make sure any clippers you may need have been serviced by an expert. Bedding Is the bedding you are currently using suitable for the colder months. If reports are correct we may be in for a cold one so you could consider using dust free bedding combined with a rubber matting. You may also buy your bedding in bulk for a cost-effective option.

Prepare your Yard & Buildings  During the depths of winter when the ground is frozen, and the weather is mor…